Sunday, January 08, 2006

Would You Care For Some Cherry Filling?

Last night I attended my brother-in-law's wedding. A rather small shin-dig (I've never used that word in my life!). But I didn't just attend, I also sang. Which, of course, the guests found horribly annoying because they were trying to hear the exchange of vows. But what can you do when the lyrics to a song just pop into your head?

Okay, I didn't really do that. I did sing, however, as requested. Anyhow, afterwards, at the reception, the newlyweds were cutting the cake. This, of course, reminded me of an incident at my own wedding, over ten years ago.

So come with me, now, on a journey through memory lane. Unlike my brother-in-law's wedding, our wedding was not a small shin-dig. It was a rather large shin-dig, with three-hundred-plus guests, close to fifty minutes along, with a grand total of eight songs. I've joked that we should have printed programs: The Wedding - A Musical Of Love's Beginning.

Aside from an episode early in the day where I had panicked because I had misplaced Marsha's wedding ring, everything went rather smoothly. Until the reception.

Neither of us were all that nervous for the wedding...but the idea of walking into a room full of three-hundred-people who want nothing more than to see the two of you kiss over and over on demand, we were nervous. We entered, and were immediately ushered in to cut the cake. (We did not have a sit-down dinner, but rather, a serve yourself buffet of sorts.) Of course, there doesn't seem to be a set of pictures more pointless than those cutting the cake, but there we were, fulfilling our obligation to marital society.

Anyhow, we cut the cake and then proceeded to feed each other our first slice of cake as a married couple. How terribly romantic. Except that as I took my bite, my nose started to bleed. All over my piece of cake.

Marsha didn't notice this, and started realizing that there as cherry filling in this cake. But there isn't supposed to be cherry filling! Scared I'm going to bleed all over the rest of the cake, I find the nearest napkin and run off, leaving my bride behind fuming that the bakery messed up our cake, because cherry filling was clearly not what she ordered.

Watching our wedding video, the first act together as a married couple is shown as Marsha getting angry, and myself running out of the room. Fortunately, that isn't how the remainder of our marriage has been.

Still, be careful the next time you are at a wedding reception. That cherry filling just might be..well, something else entirely!

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