Monday, January 16, 2006

Story of the Month

I decided to add a new feature to my website. I will post a new short story each month. Not just any short story, but a short story that I have written.

I've thought long and hard about this. Because what I should do is send some of these stories out seeking publication either in a print or on-line literary magazine. The logic is simple: In order to become published, one must first be published. Sometimes. So, why not garner a few publishing credits?

In principle, it is a great idea. And I have actually submitted a few short stories to places a couple times. But I was spending more time tracking down the ideal places to send the stories than I actually spent in writing the stories. And, given the rest of my obligations right now, I just didn't have that much time. So, my stories have sat, waiting for more attention. And there they have sat, not quite forgotten...but feeling rather lonely.

But if I publish my stories on my website, there is little chance they would be accepted for publication elsewhere. I might sacrifice a potential publishing credit. Or, I might save myself a lot of time because some of the stories might never be accepted anywhere.

In the end, I decided I'm fooling myself. While there are stories I still might eventually attempt to submit, there are plenty of stories. I'm in no shortage of ideas. So, why not post some of those stories rather than let them waste away on my hard drive?

So, as of today, I have put my first Story of the Month on my website: Half Moon Tree. Take a look. Let me know what you think. And its honesty I care about, not praise. My goal is to improve as a writer. So if there is something you don't like, say so! If there is something that touches your soul, say that, too! If you just don't even care...well, you can keep quiet. That might hurt my feelings, sending me into a deep, dark depression that could last for weeks or months where I get nothing done whatsoever, including updating this blog. Wait a you are all going to tell me you don't even care, aren't you?

In the end will posting my stories be a smart idea? Who knows? But, I'll give it a try and take it from there. I hope you enjoy the stories.


Megan said...

I loved it. Thanks for sharing.

julia said...

Not bad. A little on the tear-jerker side, but it was good. Only one suggestion - call him Jim thru out. The opening sentence uses James, but then it's Jim for the rest of the story.

RyanBruner said...

Thanks for the feedback...both of you.

Julia...yes, I like to write stories that are emotionally manipulative.