Thursday, January 19, 2006

Calling All Eagles!

Are you an Eagle? Well, based on how many high schools and universities have made the Eagle their school mascot, good chances you are. I'm an Eagle. My wife is as well, actually. But not from the same school. In fact, she is only half an Eagle, because midway through her years in college, the college decided to forego its use of a specific Native American tribe name, and instead switch it to something politically correct. So, she went from being a Huron and became an Eagle.

My Eaglehood stems from my high school, however. Lakeland High School, actually. Which, ironically enough, is part of the Huron Valley School district. So, you see, right there you can tell we were meant for each other.

But I digress. Because the reason I'm calling all Eagles is because I realized today that this year, I've been out of high school for fifteen years. Amazing, really. Where did the time go? But this also make me realize that there is the potential of having a fifteen-year reunion. Yet, I haven't heard word of one. So in an attempt to take advantage of not only this blog, but also Google's search abilities, I thought I'd write an entry that has keywords in it. Lakeland, for one. Eagle, for another. And reunion. So, if any one of my fellow alumnists happen to do a search, they just might stumble upon my blog.

Then again, they might not. I'll admit, I like the idea of reunions. I attended my ten-year reunion and had some fun. Not a lot of fun, for you see, back in my high school days I wasn't exactly socially popular. I was in the geek crowd. No biggie. I liked it. Still, when student elections came around, I was far more likely to be voted "Most Likely To...Uh...Who Is This Guy Again?" than "Most Popular".

I found my little niche of friends at the reunion, however, so I was happy. It was nice to catch up, pick on each other, see what they were up to. Like Mark, who actually made it into the horror movie business. In high school, I remember reading some of his writing and learning just exactly what "morose" means.

So, for all those fellow Eagles from the class of '91...if you happen to stumble upon this blog, send me a note! Even if there is no reunion, with the miracle of modern technology, we can still "get together".

Hmm. It may be months...or years...before anyone stumbles upon this blog entry.


Kerri. said...

I'm a "Bulldog!"

That reads oddly.

RyanBruner said...

I'm sure you are, Kerri. I'm sure you are. ;-)

Rachel said...

My elementary school mascot was an Eagle.

Other mascots included Chiefs, Raiders, Warhawks, and the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point Pointers.

Megan said...

Kerri, I'm a bulldog too! But now I'm a spartan.