Monday, March 06, 2006

The Web We Weave

Well, I managed to finish my website redesign. I'm not sure if I'll make these blog pages match the look of my website. Perhaps eventually, but as of right now, I'll leave the blog page alone.

I am curious to know what you think of the new look, and if you experience any oddities. (While I tested this on a few browsers, I'm concerned about compatibility across all of them.)

Also, now's a good opportunity to let me know what information you would like to see on such a website. It is by no means "complete". Just the start of the new look.

In other news, I just crossed over into the 10,000 word mark of my current Work-In-Progress. Only about 35,000 to go! Still waiting for responses on my requests for partials, as well a few queries and some short stories I sent out. Basically, I'm waiting around, twiddling my thumbs, which is what led me to work on my website revamp. And come to think of it, it is just about time to send out a new set of queries.

Hopefully, I'll have altogether more interesting blog tomorrow.

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