Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Promotional Effort

I'm in a unique position. I'm an unpublished author who knows a great many published authors personally, which can incite jealousy and depression at times, but for the most part has been a source of inspiration and learning. As such, I thought I would do them (those who actually have books on the shelves of some bookstore, virtual or otherwise) a favor and make some promotional efforts on their behalf. (Secretly, I'm doing this because I expect them to do the same when the times comes that I have a published book, but don't tell them that. It might hurt their feelings.)
  1. Kurt Bruner. Okay, so he's my brother. All the more reason to mention him. He's a non-fiction writer, though, so be advised. Not just non-fiction, but Christian non-fiction. Which makes sense, considering he's a Christian. So am I for that matter. In fact, I wish everyone would embrace Christianity...but alas, that hasn't happened. So, if you like Christian non-fiction, he's your man. If you don't, move along, you're blocking traffic.
  2. Melanie Lynne Hauser. I interviewed her a few months back, which you can find in these blog archives. Author of Confessions of Super Mom, as well as a witty blogger.
  3. J.A. Konrath. He's wonderfully helpful (and a bit insane). Author of the Lt. Jack Daniels series, including Whiskey Sour.
  4. Martha O'Connor. Author of The Bitch Posse, as well as mother of a diabetic son.
  5. Ally Carter. Author of Cheating at Solitaire and I'd Tell You I Love you But then I'd have to Kill you.
  6. Ty Drago. Author of science fiction novel, Phobos.
  7. Lynn Sinclair. Author of young-adult fantasy, Key to Aten, and sequel, Return to Aten. \
  8. Elizabeth Letts. Author of Family Planning and Quality of Care.
  9. Sara Gruen. Author of Riding Lessons, Flying Changes, and the upcoming Water For Elephants.
Oh, there are more, but this is enough for now. Get out and support these authors. (And by the way, buying a book used may save you money, but in no way supports the author, so keep that in mind.) And remember, by supporting them, you're supporting me. Sort of. Okay, not really, but it sounds cool to say so.

Enjoy a book, enjoy life! A book is a terrible thing to waste. I love what you do for me: a good book! (Sorry, I'm just in a promotional mood. Don't confuse my witty sayings as actually being meaningful!)

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Melanie Lynne Hauser said...

Aw, I came over here to see what was up and I saw my own name! Thanks much, Ryan; I really wasn't expecting that! (And I heartily endorse all the other authors listed.)