Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Miracles Do Happen

The human body never ceases to amaze me. Or, in this case, completely flabberghast me. In a follow up from my blog entry from earlier, I am back from my appointment with my endo.

I come to you bearing both good news and bad news (and interesting news plus another tidbit).

First, the good news. By some miracle, my A1c was not only lower than I expected, it was lower than it has ever been. Yes, folks, I managed a 6.4! Which is perplexing, to say the least, since I've been having so many highs. And not just highs...but really high highs. (Maybe they messed up my readings with someone else.)

Second, the bad news. My cholesterol is elevated. Specifically, both my HDL and LDL. That's good for my HDL, but bad for the LDL. I'm not entirely surprised by this, however. In the past year, I've kind of given in to the temptation of eating high-cholesterol foods far more often than ever. My doctor wants to put me on a statin, which I'll get to in a minute...but I told him let's hold off. I'm going to spend the next three months revamping my diet back to the healthy way I used to eat and see if I can bring it down that way.

Third, the interesting news. As I mentioned, my doctor wanted me to go on a statin. Not because my LDL is horribly high. But he informed me that recent research has shown that the A1c has not been proven to be an indicator of heart disease in Type 1 diabetics. In fact, according to him, there isn't much proof of correlation at all. Instead, he said that having an LDL above 100 (which is considered otherwise somewhat normal) indicates a huge increase in the probabiliy of heart disease for type 1s. Apparently, they are recommending that every Type 1 diabetic with LDL at 100 or higher go on a cholesterol-lowering statin.

Finally, a tidbit. My pump (the Minimed Paradigm 511) is now 3 1/2 years old. Often, people replace their pump at the four year mark. I asked my doctor about this, and he told me I might just consider holding off attempting to upgrade if my pump hasn't had problems. The reason is, apparently the trials on the Minimed combined Continuous Glucose Monitoring System and Insulin Pump are nearing completion. He said the estimates are about twelve months or so, and it will be available, so it might be best to hold off. I had assumed a few more years...but I guess it is closer than I realized. The new CGMS he said is a significantly smaller system than what Minimed sells today as a standalone unit, but will communicate wirelessly to the pump.

There you have it folks. And now, I must head off to bed.


julia said...

Wait for the CGMS system. I spoke with a Minimed rep at the weekend about this very thing and he seems to think 9 - 12 months is a reasonable time frame to see this come to market.

I am dancing with impatience for it. I cannot WAIT to get my mitts on one of these. If the rep wasn't so nice, I would have ripped it off him and gone running for the hills with it. :D

Shannon said...

Congrats on the A1C!! We just replaced my son's Cozmo last week. He's been on it for three years since October and the coating over the keys came off and the window was scratched, so they replaced it.

If I were you I'd go on the statin. Cardiologists take it even when their cholesterol levels are normal and they have no signs of heart disease. They see it as preventative medicine.

Try your plan first, but don't feel like you failed if you can't lower it on your own.

Rachel said...

Awesome on the A1C.

My husband has been on statins for about five years now (he just turned 31), but that's because of a strong family history of hyperlipidemia in addition to the type 1. He is finally getting the results that his doctor wants (and finally is going back to once a year cholesterol testing!). I think a lot of it has to do with our changed diets since I was diagnosed with type 2.