Monday, December 19, 2005

Losing My Man Card

I'd like to think that what I'm about to tell you would garner not only your respect, but also demonstrate my security in my masculinity. Yet, I fear that for some of you...the men in'll just laugh and write me off as something not very politically correct to say in a public forum such as this. But, here goes...

One of my all time favorite movies (or set of movies, I suppose) is Anne of Green Gables and its sequel, Anne of Avonlea. Okay, okay. I'll wait for the laughter to die down.

*Foot tapping*

*More foot tapping*

Now then, I realize that this is not on the top of many men's list of films. You'd expect the likes of X-Men or Spiderman or even Star Wars. And while I do like those movies, there is just something about the Anne-girl that makes me happy.

My boys are already hooked on action. The Incredibles, Star Wars, Monster's Inc. If there is a chase scene, they'll like it. This, despite the fact that we really are very careful about what we let them watch.

Anyhow, a couple of days ago, I decided it was high-time I broadened their horizons. There is so much more to learn than the latest light-saber techniques. Right? So, I put in Anne of Green Gables. I think my six-year-old was a bit hesitant. I mean, who wants to watch a movie about a girl, right? But I insisted, and so we all sat down.

Two hours later (and only halfway through the first movie), they were totally enthralled. I stopped the movie, saying it was time for bed, but they didn't want to stop. They wanted to know what would happen next! I mean, Anne's relationship with Diana's mother was finally restored after saving Diana's little sister's life! How can you stop the movie now?

So, last night, we picked things up and finished out the first movie. After it was over, my eldest said, "So now what happens?"

Time to buy the second movie. (For the record, we used to own it, but we then bought the first on DVD, fully intending to buy the second shortly thereafter. So, we gave our VHS copies to a friend, but have yet to buy the second.)

It is refreshing to know that my children can appreciate quality family movies, where tension is defined by more than just whether or not Mr. Incredible will escape the clutches of the Omnidroid with his life.

And while I'm sure someone will insist I lose my "man card" over all this, I will tell you that wild horses couldn't drag it from my hands. Because there is much to learn from Anne (with an e).

I'm thankful for such family movies...movies that go behind entertainment, and truly attempt to teach children something meaningful...something important. Because no matter how many times I analyze the significance of a piece of dialog spoken by Anakin Skywalker, in the end it is rather pointless. Whether Gilbert Blythe and Anne Shirley every reconcile their that is important stuff. Not only if they do, but how...and why.


Ellen said...

Will you donate cells so you can be cloned? What a dad. KUDOS.

RyanBruner said...


Sorry, but my cells will remain my own for the time being....but I appreciate the complement! Besides, the world couldn't stand having two of me around, I'm sure.