Sunday, December 18, 2005

The Entry I Had to Write

My wife has this really good friend. She's really quite needy, always asking for a "blanket of love", not only from her friendship with my wife...but also with me.

Case in point, she has been hounding me day in and day out about just when I'm going to blog about her. Well, not so much day in and day out as in a couple comments made to me on two separate days in passing. But still, it's not so much about how much she's asked me, and more about the way she asks.

So, I thought the time has come that I acknowledge her. Yes, world of bloggers, I personally know Tasha Tywlak. No, not "Tasha" that rhymes with "Sascha", but "Tasha" that rhymes with "Tay-shuh". (Sorry...but I never realized that there really aren't any real words that rhyme with her name. Well, "fascia"...but some people pronounce that particular word so that it sounds like "fashion" withiout the n, and well, I don't think she'd forgive me for that.) Her last name? Well, the "w" is silent. Who knows why? It just is. Sounds like "Tie-lack".

Yes. Being famous is hard. I mean, all my fans (all twenty of them) wish I would blog about them. And, hopefully, now that I mentioned Tasha here means that, by association, she too will become famous and perhaps even become that super model she's always dreamed of becoming. Good luck on that Tasha. I'm sure an agent will be calling you soon.

Ahhh. I already feel cleansed in doing this. This was, you know, the "entry I had to write", but just never felt "led". She's asked me why once, and I told her that I just write what comes to mind on any given day. Today is your day, my dear Tasha. Do you feel the blanket of love now?

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