Monday, September 26, 2005

Stupidity in Advertising (or, Less is More)

Advertisers must think we're stupid. ("Don't say stupid, dad. Stupid's not a nice word.") Sorry to break my own lesson here, sons. But it's the truth.

About a week ago, I saw an advertisement for Coke, proclaiming the good news, which will bring peace to all the people. And this shall be a sign unto you: You shall find their beverages packaged in 16.9 fluid ounce bottles.

My initial reaction was that they must have had people complaining that 20 oz. bottles were too big or contained too much, or something. I was giving them the benefit of the doubt. Until I went to the store. Yeah, really great. They are now selling an eight-pack of the 16.9 oz. bottles for the same price that a couple months back they sold an eight-pack of 20 oz. bottles. The 20 oz. bottles have been relegated to a six-pack.

Ah, yes, Coca-Cola, thank you! Because I thought I was just getting too good of deal before. Now, the balance has been restored. The Yin and Yang of business righted. No more will I have a leftover bottle sitting on my desk with exactly 3.1 oz. remaining on the bottom. Perfection!

This "new, more convenient 16.9 oz. size" is nothing but a ploy to get us to spend the same amount of money and get less.

Advertisers must think we're stupid. Frankly, I refuse to do it. I refuse to give in to the greed of corporate America (or whatever country your greed hails from). No, you can keep your 16.9 oz bottles.

I'll take my business to the Coca-cola vending machine at work, where they still sell a 20 oz. bottle for the incredibly low price of only $1.30, thank you very much. We'll see who's stupid, now!

("Don't say stupid, dad. Stupid's not a nice word.")

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