Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Goodbye, Captain America

It is a sad day in Superhero land. According to this article, Captain America is dead.

Now, honestly, I never read a single comic book with Captain America, yet he holds a special place in my heart. Why? Because back in the 70s, there were two TV movies made about the character (or, rather, the son of the character, who shares the name Captain America). And being a kid obsessed with superheroes at the time, I, of course, watched both of these movies. There were rumors of a TV series spin-off. In fact, my faulty memory has convinced me that there was, in fact, a TV series when apparently there wasn't.

Anyhow, superheroes have been on my mind a lot lately. (Based on the last couple posts, you wouldn't have guessed, eh?) Not only am I writing about superheroes (kind of, sort of), but I'm watching them on the show Heroes, as well as anticipating Spider-Man 3 and The Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. (Okay, so the FF movie, not as much. The first movie was kind of pathetic...but I'll watch the new one.)

On top of these, we also have the release of Melanie Lynne Hauser's second book: Super Mom Saves the World. Kind of a cross between superheroes and women's fiction. Funny, witty, beautifully written. Well...the first was. The second I'll get my hands on soon enough.

Superheroes abound. But, sadly, no more Captain America.

On the bright side, the article mentions that Captain America is being made into a movie!


Bernard said...

In the 1970s a restaurant called Captain America's opened in Dublin, Ireland.

Apparently it's still alive and well.

I've not had a meal there in many years, but have fond memories of good burgers and a cozy atmosphere there.

Maybe it's time to visit and raise a toast to the superhero.

To quote the captcha phrase, that would be "eyctazy".

Scott said...

Since you're into superheros, you might find Captain Glucose and Meter Boy ( at the very least amusing! The main goal is diabetes awareness, but with a focus on humor to communicate their message.