Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Everyday Superhero

Okay, so last week's post concerning books about superheroes didn't turn up much. I'll take that as a sign that either you, my readers, have very little taste in books...or else I'm just a geek.

So, I figured I'd talk about another kind of superhero, which Sarah mentioned. The everyday superhero. The persons in your life who keep you from harm, or inspire you, or rescue you when you're in trouble. They can lift you up when you're down, or draw out a smile from a frown.

The most obvious people who fit this description are your parents. And for those who are parents, themselves, it means that you, too, can be a superhero. Siblings and friends fall under this banner, as do some strangers.

Like, the time my oldest son was admitted to the hospital due to imminent asthma-related respiratory failure. We encountered several superheroes that day, starting with his doctor, who sent him over to the hospital to begin with. My son had to be transferred to a pediatric ICU in another hospital, where he spend the next few days. Anyone with children will tell you how hard it is to leave your child there in the hospital. We had other children who needed us, and so my wife and I tag-teamed. But there was this nurse who stepped in at one point, allowing us a break. She was amazing, and my son fell in love with her...as did we. She rose above the call of duty during that time, and became not only a superhero to our son, but to us, his parents.

Superheroes are everywhere, sometimes doing such seemingly insignificant things, but meaning the world to the other person.

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