Thursday, March 08, 2007

Meter, Meter, On The Wall, Who's The Fairest...

You know, sometimes a person can be stupid without even realizing it.

So, there I was standing at the Kroger Pharmacy asking the pharmacist for a box of One Touch Ultra test strips. $43 for 50 strips. Craziness.

But then I noted that sitting there on the counter was Kroger's own BGL meter and strip. The meter, just like the One Touch Ultra, uses a tiny amount of blood and tests in 5 seconds. It is about the same size as the Ultra. But most importantly, the strips only cost $24 for a box of

Hmm. Do a little math, and you can see that there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of advantage to sticking to the name-brand meter these days. Oh, sure, once upon a time One Touch had the lead on meters, with one of the smallest drop sizes and fastest testing times. But that's no longer the case. And frankly, One Touch's latest meters don't offer me anything additional that I really need. They have graphing, or slightly smaller sizes, but nothing I haven't gotten along without for 24 years. They could, I suppose, reduce the test time to one second or something...but honestly, that isn't enough. It takes me longer to get the strip out of the container, stick it in, cock the lancet device and squeeze the finger. Four fewer seconds means little. (And for the record, they don't offer a meter with a one-second test.)

So why is it that I haven't made the switch? Save myself and my insurance company some money, and guy generic?

I have no good answer, except that I've been with One Touch for so long now, it almost feels like cheating to flirt with another brand.

But you know what? I'm flirting now.

So, my fellow diabetics...this is where you come in. Have you "made the switch"? Have you asked the mirror on the wall which is the fairest meter of them all? If so, were you pleased with the switch to generic?


Keith said...

Hey Ryan
I made the switch. I'm almost embarassed to say that due to my insurance situation (or lack thereof) I'm now using a Wal-Mart meter... 50 strips cost $21.95. Like you, I loved my One-Touch Ultra Smart, but it's not worth paying double for it's strips/features. While I'm not crazy about Wal-Mart and some if their practices, the meter seems to be about as accurate (as far as I can tell) and money saved is always a good thing.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Have not made the switch yet. Though I bet insurances will force us to soon.

Jim F said...

Hiya Ryan,

Although I have insurance that is allows me to keep my one-tpuc strips and meter, I wouldn;t hesitate to switch if it was a neccessary

Minnesota Nice said...

I am always worried that my "good" meter will flip out so have three spares - WalMart (which I don't use in public because you can't disable the "beep"), Walgreens - OK, and Target Easypro - ok. When I first got them I was always checking the results against the OneTouch and they seemed to match.

Anonymous said...

Where can I buy the Target easy pro blood testing meter? Please let me know