Friday, February 03, 2006

A Guy Name Steve

I suppose many of you will not recognize the name Steve Green, but in my life, he is a significant figure. A role model, actually. There was a time in my life that any and every song I would sing in church was a song found on a Steve Green album. In the Christian Music market, there was a time he was the King. His voice was powerful, and his songs had depth.

Admittedly, today I've kind of moved on. Avalon is my music of choice these days. I like a lot more vocal challenge in my musicians. At least if I want to sing with them.

Anyhow, a couple nights ago, we went out for dinner. A very fancy place called Arby's. You know it? (Hey, in the land of fast-food, Arby's really is top-notch...after all, it is hard to come away and feed our family of six for under twenty bucks there. Compare that to Mickey D's, where if I'm really good, I can get it under thirteen. Nevermind the food is pathetic.)

Oh right. Arby's. So, I go up to the counter and start my order. You must understand, I'm quite babbling fool when I'm ordering food.

"Uh. Let's see. A With curly fries and...uh...another number one. Yes. With curly fries. Plus I need...uh, Josiah, what did you want again? Right an Arby Melt. Plus another Arby Melt. Plus another Arby Melt. " Points to fingers and starts counting out sandwiches in my head. "Oh, wait. I need a Junior Roast Beef. Plus an order of Homestyle fries."

"Is that it?"

"No. Four cups of water."

"Okay, so I have..." and he repeats the order in under ten seconds, which took me ten minutes to relate.

Anyhow, halfway through my order, I notice the man's nametag. He's the manager. His name's Steve Green. And wouldn't you know it, it totally messed me up. I started giggling, imagining that this guy was none other than the same Steve Green that I had sung along with in my car for twenty years. The same Steve Green I saw in concert. Only, not quite as slim. And he really way less hair. But still. Steve Green.

I briefly imagined him breaking out into song. He Holds The Keys! Find Us Faithful! Broken and Spilled Out! I mean, come one, it would seem a funny sight, to have a professional singer break out into the same songs you've sung in church all while asking me if I want homestyle or curly fries.

The guy was quite professional, though I can imagine he was wondering why in the world I was wasting his time laughing at him. I finished my order, debating whether or not I should tell him. But then how pathetic would that sound?

"Do you know you have the same name as Steve Green?"

Well, duh!

So I kept my mouth shut. But if you, Steve, happen to read this blog, just know...I wasn't laughing at you. I wasn't even really laughing at your name. But I couldn't help myself.

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