Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Especially For Diabetics

Some of you know that I sell software for diabetics. Specifically, it is software for PalmOS-based PDAs. While I don't do much development on this software anymore, it is still useful to many. The market is shrinking, and I actually hope that the need for the software will be gone eventually. Many pumps, for example, offer some of the features I have in Logbook DM, such as calculating boluses for you automatically.

I actually don't care about making money from this software any longer. However, in an effort to be fair to the competition, I have decided not to make this software available for free. There are, in fact, others who sell competing products that are, in fact, trying to make money.

However, I thought I would make my Diabetic O.C. readership an exclusive offer. And, you are welcome to forward this information to anyone who isn't in the Diabetic O.C., but you feel might be interested. For all of February, if you purchase Logbook DM from Handango, you can use the coupon code 623B7A47 to get the software for $10 off. This means it is only $2 instead of $12. Now, don't don't have to buy it outright. You can download it and try it out for free. But if you feel it is useful, this is a chance to get it for practically nothing.

I'm honestly not doing this to drum up sales or anything. In fact, I debated whether to use this blog as a means to communicate this information. But, I figured why not. It is my blog, after all, and it is my software. Why not give the O.C. an advantage?

So, if you know any other diabetics who use PalmOS-based PDAs, let them know. In fact, one of our fellow O.C. folks was formerly a user of Logbook DM. (I believe, however, he jumped to the Pocket PC platform...and Logbook DM doesn't work on Pocket PC.) Anyhow, ask Scott what he thinks of the software. (Go ahead. I dare you.)

Anyhow, this offer is especially for you, my fellow diabetics. At least through the end of February. (Handango makes you put a time limit on offers, in case you're wondering.) To use the code, add Logbook DM to your cart, where it will then ask you to enter the coupon code (623B7A47).


Scott K. Johnson said...

Hi Ryan,

Very generous of you to offer such a great deal on the program!

I highly encourage any of you that have a palm based device to try this program.

It has been at least three plus years since I've used the program, but I really liked it, and have yet to find something I like as well on the pocket pc platform.

This program was the first to set reminders to check your blood sugar a certain time after certain events, and it would even warn you of potential lows (based on insulin on board, correction factor and insulin to carb ratio).

It is very easy to use, and makes tracking your information quick and easy.

I won't get into the palm vs. pocket pc debate here, it's a matter of personal preference for most. But I will say that Logbook DM is probably the only application I really miss from my palm days.

It's really a great application, and well worth the time to give it a free trial.

Megan said...

Wow, this software looks great. I wish I had a PDA. But alas, I don't.