Wednesday, October 19, 2005

You Like Me...You Really Like Me!

Okay, so I'm no Sally Field. But I was looking over my stats for the past few days for my blog. Not that I obsess about that kind of thing. I mean, it's not like I actually pay attention to the fact that at exactly 10:20 am (blog time), someone visited my site after performing a search on tying shoes. Nah. I don't really notice stuff like that.

But, what I noticed was a marked increase of pageloads on Monday. In fact, I received about five times as many page loads and four times as many unique visitors. One ambitious bloke from the UK (well, I think bloke, since I'm not entirely sure what it means to be a if I'm offending anyone with that term, I just sounded British) actually read every post I've written all in one day. I'll just say "I'm sorry" up front to that person that they have such a boring life that they actually spent that much time visiting my blog. (I hope you get better soon.)

Anyhow, the whole spike does cause one to wonder. What, exactly, spurred this on? And why didn't it continue on Tuesday? For one day, and one day only, you liked me. But that's okay. Really it is. Because I never envisioned my readership even surpassing five...on a good day.

But I'm curious. Did a bunch of you just accidently stumble in, never to return? And for those of you who did return (since the log shows an abnormally high number of returning visitors on Tuesday), what was it that did it? Perhaps it is idle curiousity, like standing outside the Penguin exhibit, watching them waddle around. Look there. See that man? He's trying to blog! Isn't it funny how he is trying to be funny? Don't you feel sorry for him? Awww, look at that. He's got baby penguins. How cute!

I'll admit, though...there is a part of me that it possible...that perhaps, like me? You really like me?

Or not.

Whatever the sick, twisted reason you have for reading my posts, however...I want to thank you now.

In other news...I (finally) finished reading Confessions of Super Mom. However, don't let the length of time I took to read it sway you. It was a great book. But I've had so much in life taking away from my time that I haven't even written anything on my own WIP in over a month. But, I'll write about Confessions in another blog, otherwise I'll go over my allotted word count. (I'm hoping to interview author Melanie Lynne Hauser...if I can get her to stop working on her sequel long enough...I mean, where are her priorities?)


Kerri. said...

For me, it was the diabetes post. I'll admit it -- as a Type I diabetic myself, I am always looking for others who make mention of the disease in their blogs. I'm new to this whole blogging bit, so I am ever-intrigued by D Blog additions.

There's a nice little Online Community (henceforth known as the O.C.) and once one of us links another blogger, the others go and check it out. Cyber-Pancreas linked you a few days ago. Could have caused the spike.

That is, of course, coupled with the fact that we really like you, Ms. Field.

Ronin said...

My sister linked you from her blog that's my excuse. However I did find your writing interesting enough to keep reading after the first post.Everyone knows(Or should) that I have impeccable taste so I predict huge popularity for you in the future.
Oh and I do find you to be a bit funny but don't be getting all big headed now.

RyanBruner said...

Big headed? Little ol' me? one of my very first blog entries, I gave you (the readers) permission to whack me upside the head if I get out of hand. You can do the same if you notice my head has grown disproportiately from my body.

But I appreciate knowing that I apparently have at least something worthwhile to say to some people.

Kate said...

That's my brother! I have links to some other Backspacer blogs on my blog. And I've been getting hits from people following the link from Martha's page. It's like blogging karma.

You know, my posts tend to be short of a stream of consciousness thing, but your posts are complete thoughts. That's probably part of your appeal right there.

Andrea said...

I'm like Kerri, I also like reading about others' diabetic experience. I really don't know anyone personally with the disease, so I often try to seek out others who I can relate to. Good blog, btw :)

RyanBruner said...


Give your brother my condolences (presuming he is the "bloke"). Then again, perhaps he was the one searching for tying shoes.

Interesting about the stream of conscious versus having a point. Have you ever taken one of those Jungian personality tests? (I'm an INTJ, by the way.) One of the questions tends to be something like, "Do you prefer things settled and decided, or unsettled and undecided?" I'm definitely a settled and decided kind of guy!

RyanBruner said...


It is interesting how a blog is not only something you control, but it is something that sort of takes control. I really didn't set out to write a blog to appeal to diabetics, although that sort of happened on its own.

I'm glad you let me know, though! (Woops. I think my head just grew...)

Sandra Miller said...

Okay Ryan,

You got me as a reader on a number of counts:

- like my son, you have diabetes (that's how I found your blog-- via Cyber Pancreas)

- you're a parent (as am I -- thus, a perspective to which I can very much relate)

- despite your blog's sub-heading, you are very funny (doesn't seem like something you need to "become")

- and finally, you're a fine writer.

So, to echo Kerri here, we really do like you, man.

Kate said...

Ryan, I'm an INFP. The "P" means open-ended, I'm pretty sure, like your "J" means settled and decided.

I'm pretty sure my brother is the one reading all our posts, since he already knows how to tie his shoes. I think. I hope!