Thursday, October 20, 2005


Melanie Lynne Hauser, as in the author of the book Confessions of Super Mom, seems to have sent herself to her Fortress of Solitude for a week to spent alone time writing her sequel. I requested an interview with her, and for whatever reason, she doesn't seem to want to take herself away from her mountain view with elk that stand outside her doorway to respond.

Whatever, Melanie! I just don't understand how the beauty of God's creation, and making progress on a contracted novel could be more important than answering a few questions from me. So, I guess I'll have to proceed without your input. (Are you feeling the guilt yet?)

Actually, I think I might have scared Melanie away. After my post on her blog about creating a tie-in between my own WIP and her sequel, I think she thinks I'm stalking her. Honestly I'm not. It was only a joke. (Sort of.)

In all seriousness, I'm actually glad she is writing. That means, eventually, I'll get the opportunity to read another book from her! Because Confessions of Super Mom really was wonderful.

Melanie has a writing style that is face-paced and humorous. Combine that with a unique look at the superhero life of one Birdie Lee, aka Super Mom, who must juggle her life as a divorced mother of two with her newfound powers of being a human Swiffer, not to mention influencing the conscience of an entire have one great book! (The novel, coincidentally, manages to deal with the subject of diabetes as well!)

I'm not really sure who wouldn't like this book. While the primary audience is likely mothers, I will admit that as a father, not to mention a fan of superheroes, I was hooked as well. (My own work-in-progress deals with kids who have the potential to become superheroes.)

But I'm not just telling you all about this book for my own health. You see, the publishing world is a hard place to be today. A lot of great first-time-authors struggle to get enough sales to cause the publisher to justify selling more of their books. It is quite rare for an author to write one book and suddenly become a millionaire. In fact, more often than not, the royalities from the first book are enough to replace a couple home appliances, or take a family vacation.

So, when a new author comes along and does a great job, it is important to buy their book! Read it. Then recommend it! Word of mouth is key.

Melanie has a great book. You'll enjoy. So get out to your local bookstore and buy it!

Now, then...hopefully, I can still get that interview...once Melanie lifts the restraining order. (Honestly, I didn't know she wouldn't like me just coming over to her house at 3:00 in the morning insisting she answer my questions, or else.)

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