Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Where's the Story?

If you click on the little "Stories" link, you'll notice that the last story I put up was in June. Today, it is August. It seems I missed July altogether.

It isn't my fault.

Okay, it is my fault. I actually had two stories I started working on, with the intention of one of them being finished in July. Didn't happen. I've been working on a script for a banquet at my church, as well as doing editing of my manuscript. The stories were sort of left alone to amuse themselves. Unfortunately, neither story made any progress without my attention.

So, there will be no July Story of the Month.

But, I'm beginning to wonder if there is any point. Are any of you actually reading these stories? Maybe you don't care. And if you don't care, I'm certainly not going to go out of my way to get stories up. When there is story I think deems worthy, I'll post one, but forget the whole "a new story every month" idea. (Especially since I wasn't able to really keep up with that anyhow!)

What do you all think? When I check my site logs, the stories are getting some hits, but not many. If I were to post another story today, would you even bother reading it?

Come on, now. I want feedback. Honesty. So fess up!

Your choices are:

  1. Yes, I like to see a Story of the Month.
  2. I like to see stories, but just post them as you feel inclined.
  3. It is great that you write and all, but frankly, I just don't care enough to read your stories!
  4. Are you kidding? I only popped in here because I did a search for numb fingertips and ended up at your blog, angry to find out it doesn't have anything to do with numb fingertips!


fountainhead said...

keep em comin

Scott K. Johnson said...

Hey Ryan,

I'm a longtime fan of your diabetic palm software, so I check back to see what's happening with you and your family - and other "D" stuff when it comes up.

Honestly, about the stories, I'd have to answer with #3...

melissa said...


Angie said...

#2. I don't get on as often as before to read your stories, but when time permits I like to read them.

RyanBruner said...

Thanks for the feedback, guys!

In that case, I'll try to get stories up, but I won't kill myself to do one a month unless I'm inspired!