Thursday, August 03, 2006

Down, But Not Out

Have you ever been in a situation and couldn't see a way out? Perhaps depressed, unable to think clearly, and perhaps a solution to the problems are obvious to others, but not to you? Or, maybe the solution isn't obvious to anyone?

There is a fellow writer-friend (E. J. Knapp) in need right now, and so I'm soliciting your help. I've known EJ for a few years now through Backspace. He has been struggling, financially, due to a number of circumstances, the most significant of which is that he is on disability. And now, he has lost his car.

But EJ is a fighter. He needs his car back. He needs to make it to appointments. But what do you do when you don't have the money?

Well, he turned to his friends. Fellow writers. He has put together "1500 Story Sales in 20 days". The idea is to sell 1500 short stories in 20 days at $2 each. Not just his stories, but stories other writers are willing to "donate" to the cause.

As of this blog entry, he has seventeen different stories or poem collections available from several different authors. I've read many of the stories before, and they are quite good. And guess what? I have a story available as well. For each story, you can read an excerpt, and if you want to read the entirety, there is a option to do that.

So, I'm hoping some of you would consider helping out EJ. Buy a story. Only $2. But it will be immensely helpful to get him back on his feet.

You can read more about EJ's plight on EJ's blog. Or, you can go look at the list of stories on his 1500 Story Sales - 20 Days page.

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