Wednesday, June 14, 2006

What Song Is Playing on MY iPod

I've noticed there is this trend on a great many blogs. You might even call it a feature. The blogger posts what song is playing on their iPod at that moment. Kristin Nelson, literary agent, is among them.

And I mean no disrespect to anyone who does this, but frankly it is annoying. Why? Well, sure, it is interesting to see what kind of music the people you find important (or, at least, intriguing) listen to. But, I don't know...isn't it just a way of saying, "Nah, nah, I've got an iPod and you don't!"

Okay, so truth be told...I'm jealous. Because I want an iPod, too. I wish I could include a "feature" on my blog that announced to the world that I'm listening to Avalon or whatever. Not that I even care whether or not you care what music I listen to. But then I could say I'm part of the iPod craze. I'm hip, I'm happening.

Instead, I have this old PDA which can hold more no more than 10 songs. And I couldn't even tell you where the charger is for it. Haven't touched it in a while. I bought the PDA, originally, to develop my Logbook DM software. The fact that I could play a few songs on it was a bonus, but certainly not cool.

Then, not long ago, something cool happened to me. I got my hands on an iPod to do some testing with. I was kind of excited about it. I was all ready to load up the thing with my favorite songs...and since it could hold on the order of 1000 songs, perhaps even load up a few songs I don't even really like! I'd head to the streets dancing cool moves, everyone watching me in awe, knowing that I had joined the iPod revolution.

But, alas, the iPod wasn't mine alone. (Well, technically, it wasn't mine at all, since it was owned by my place of work.) No, we had to share the device among the entire team. And, sadly, my team members don't seem to appreciate the same kind of music I do. One went so far as to say, "Well, all Ryan has is some religious crap."

It isn't exactly what I would label the music I listen to. But to someone who defines music as "blues", I suppose I couldn't complain.

And so, today, I'm still waiting for the day that I can say, "What song is playing on my iPod?"

Probably some "religious crap".


Melanie Lynne Hauser said...

I love my iPod (or actually, mine's a Creative Zen). But I don't post what I'm listening to because usually I'm NOT listening to it, at least when I'm on the computer. But FYI, a lot of blogger software (like that on MySpace) has this question as part of its layout. So that's why so many people tell you.

Angie said...

I love that religous crap, and it isn't crap, boy that really gets me when people don't like the spiritual music I listen to. Sometimes it sounds just like the other stuff they listen to just with a better message. I WANT AN IPOD!

stay_c said...

The posting what's on your iPod is a Live Journal thing. I see it among their users all the time. If you read someone regular (Like Kristin, god I love her) it's fun to see how ecelectic the tastes are, but I skip it most of the time.

PS. I noticed your comments on Melanie Lynne Hauser's blog and decided to stop over. :)

RyanBruner said...


Hey, thanks for dropping by!

I just got the latest Michigan Engineering Alumni newsletter. I was shocked to find that in one of the articles, they had a "What's on my iPod" feature for the author who wrote the article. So, it has moved beyond blogs into the print medium!!!