Wednesday, May 10, 2006

You Take the Good, You Take the Bad...

Several months ago, I was pining for the good old days of television, wishing there were shows on television like the ones I grew up watching. Then, walking the aisles of Target one day, I realized that those good old days of television exist today in the form of DVDs. So, I immediately plunked out the cash for the first season of one of my favorite series of the 80's: MacGyver.

I've spent several boy's nights with my kids watching these shows. I'm a little amazed at how campy some of the early episodes were, but all in all, it is quite refreshing. And I'm now looking forward to picking out more old television series DVDs to share with my kids.

I just found out today, thanks to this article on, that another favorite of mine is now available. The Facts of Life. To this day, if a rerun appears on TV Land, I can't help but tune in. There is something about Natalie and Jo and Tootie and Blaire. They were an unlikely bunch of friends that ultimately lasted through I don't know how many seasons, and several made-for-TV reunion movies. I almost felt like they are a part of my family, that any one of them could walk through my doors and sit down and chat about old times with me.

There are few other shows like that. Sure, I had plenty of TV shows I have fond memories of. From Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, to Knight Rider, Street Hawk, The Cosby Show, Silver Spoons, Family Ties, and Little House on the Prairie. A lot more, as well. (Hmm. I didn't realize how much of a TV addict I must have been growing up.)

But none of those made me feel like I wished I were there, with the girls of Eastland. They were characters I could relate to. Characters I could be friends with. Now, I suppose, looking back, it does seem rather odd to think about me, a boy, liking a show about a bunch of girls. But I suppose it shows how good of job they did at making the audience connect with the characters.

I have a gift card for Best Buy. I've been trying to decide what, exactly, to spend it on. But I think I know, now. You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both, and there you have the Facts of Life! The Facts of Life!

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