Monday, November 28, 2005

The Swing of Things

Last week, I took the entire week off work due to the Thanksgiving holiday. I had all these grand and glorious ideas for what I would accomplish. We'd get the entire house spic-and-span so we could put up the Christmas decorations. I'd get about six more chapters of my work-in-progress finished. I'd spend a bunch of time with each of the kids, both individually and collectively. I'd actually sit on the couch watching television with my wife without falling asleep in the process.

In fact, I quite often massage my wife's legs while we watch television. Okay, not "quite often"...perhaps "sometimes". And when my arms and fingers start to grow sore, she'll kick me in the gut to remind me I'm slacking on the job. Oh, sorry honey. I was just distracted. Can't feel my fingers any more. (Not that I'm complaining, or anything...quite often those aforementioned massages lead to other...uh...activities that I benefit greatly from.) it turned out, I really accomplished very little. We did manage to get a little cleaning done. We did manage to put up our main Christmas tree. Oh...and I got the lights put on the roof. (Nevermind that I never actually took them down from last year.) I did manage to get a bit of writing in. And I did manage to spend time with my kids. But all in all, it was a rather relaxing vacation. I'm not used to coming in to work after a vacation feeling so, you know, refreshed.

I was also a bit lax about my on-line activities, including updating this blog.

But my time is up now. Time to get back into the swing of things. Work, for one. Not to mention fifty million rehearsals for the church choir performances. I still have to put lights on the bushes, shrubs, and trees. And...well, I have a whole list of things that I just don't remember, but my wonderful wife always reminds me of just before it needs to get done. (Who needs a PDA...or even a calendar...when you have a wife?)

So this week, my plans for this blog include updates on my son, another diabetes-interest post, and another "whatever I feel like" post, as yet to be determined.

Oh yes...and in an effort to follow through on my "Thankful Day" post, I figured I would include in each blog entry one thing I'm thankful for but typically take for granted. So here we go: I'm thankful for health insurance. Despite the headaches I have in dealing with Blue Cross Blue Shield...I would be in debt to my eyeballs right now were I not blessed enough to have a job that provides good health insurance.

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