Monday, November 14, 2005

Miscellany And Other Stuff

I've been having brainstorms over the last few days. It's been keeping me up at night, actually. (By the way, for me that means it takes twenty minutes to fall alseep instead of two.)

For example, there is a scene I'm adding to my work-in-progress. I had started it...but now, over the course of several nights I've worked out the details. I'm so excited to get a chance to sit down and write!

I'm also a couple days away from the ensemble concert I'm singing in. You'll be happy to know I finally managed to learn all the words to my solo. In the meantime, I think I've come down with something. Totally exhausted. The kind of tired that just isn't normal, you know? So, after Wednesday's concert, I'm hoping to get some rest. I'm taking the entire week of Thanksgiving off from work, so I'll be able to catch up on missed sleep.

I also have today off work. It is Veteran's Day (observed). I find that a bit funny. Nevermind the country celebrated Veteran's Day on Friday, as it should. Our workplace decided we should celebrate on Monday. I think what it really means is that hunting season is more important than our Veterans, which is altogether sad.

Sorry that this blog entry has nothing really worth reading. But, you know, I gave you two separate entries on Friday, and I'm writing this from, consider yourself lucky!

(Hmm. How entirely self-centered that sounded. As if you should consider yourself lucky to read pretty much nothing of significance from me. Apparently I think everyone reading this has a rather pathetic life or something. I suppose that could be true. But true or not, I shouldn't presume it to be true. Right?)

I promise my next entry will be of something more important...such as what I'm doing about my mole problem. (That is, the moles that dig tunnels under your lawn as opposed to the kind that grow in annoying and unexpected places on your body!)

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