Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Exercise, or Is That a Low?

Today is my third official day of exercise. I hate to say it, because it sounds so trite, but I have to admit the exercise is kind of fun. Like when I used to play racquetball every other morning with my friends back in college. Okay, so the first couple weeks we played it was tortuous to get through even 20 minutes of game play before we collapsed to the floor, lungs on fire, feeling like we were about to cough them out of our chests. But we quickly adapted and even grew to look forward to getting up early.

See, I'm no early bird. I don't like getting up early. But there we were, waking up at 7:00 in the morning to play for 45 minutes, leaving time to shower before heading to our 8:30 am first class of the day. Remember, I was in college. College students love to sleep in. But we did it.

And now, I feel a bit the same. It is a kind of incentive to wake up and get there early. Sure, the workout itself is a bit grueling, but afterwards I feel a bit exhilarated. Okay, okay. Not exactly exhilarated. More like my lungs on are fire feeling like I'm going to cough them out of my chest. But I'm sure I'll feel exhilarated, eventually.

Anyhow, one thing I'm already learning about exercise is that it throws a curve ball at the whole being able to predict your blood sugar levels thing. Because some of the after effects from the workout are quite similar to symptoms.

For example, the slightly shaky muscle fatigue from the weight machines is very similar to the slightly shaky, weak feeling I experience when my BGL is low. Which means, if I go low, how can I tell?

And then there is the slight stomach pain from the ab crunches, which is quite similar to the nauseated feeling I get when my BGL goes high.

I'll work it out, I'm sure. I'm just at the beginning of this road to greater strength, flexibility, and general health. However, let me just tell you that it was a bit disconcerting when I was adjusting the weights on some of the machines this morning. One machine, which I was struggling with at the 50 lb. mark, had been left at the 150 lb. mark. Which means someone before me was using it at 150 lb. Which means, of course, that I'm a great big wimp! (All the more reason to work out, eh?)


Scott K. Johnson said...

Exercise does throw in so many more variables - and as you describe, additional complications to your daily routine.

BUT - it is supposed to be SO good for us that it far outweighs all of the troubles those pesky variables toss in.

I know that you'll be able to figure out the BG thing - you do have that uncanny spidey sense!!

MileMasterSarah said...

Lol at the 50 lb 150 lb thing. I test a lot when I exercise, because I can’t tell either. I know when I run, sometimes when the sidewalk feels like it is coming up to meet my feet I will be low, but not always…..