Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Attention, Logbook DM Users

Some of you know me back from my Logbook DM days. (Uh, Scott!) If you're not familiar with Logbook DM, here's the brief story.

Many years ago, before the PDA even existed, I had this idea that software could help a person calculate their insulin dosages pretty easily given the rise of carb-counting. I played around with formulas, and used my trusty HP calculator to store some of them for my own use. I even discussed my idea, at the time, with my endocrinologist, who was quite intrigued with the idea. But, alas, the technology needed to make it practical was still a few years away.

Some time later, I bought my very own PDA. A Sony Clie running the PalmOS. And, of course, I realized that this was the perfect platform to realize my dream. But before I started working on that dream, I figured I would see if anyone else was doing the same thing.

Answer was yes and no. There were applications for diabetics out there, but none of them really worked the way that I wanted them to. They were designed and laid out like a programmer would want them to be, not like a user. They seemed to ignore the connection between current BGL, food intake, and the insulin bolus. So, I wrote Logbook DM to address this.

I had a lot of ideas for Logbook DM...some of which were probably ahead of their time, and ultimately never realized. This included fuzzy-logic used to analyze your trends and give recommendations as to what might be causing highs in the evenings or lows after lunch, etc. I just didn't have the time to spend on it.

But, Logbook DM was apparently useful to a great many users and is still available to this day, albeit at a lower price. That lower price is because I no longer actively develop Logbook DM.
I even considered making it available for free, but then realized that would actually be unfair to those developers who are still developing their software. They would have no incentive to improve their software if I'm giving away a decent application for free. And, frankly, I'd rather see my software superseded by something even better.

The unfortunately thing is that while Logbook DM is still a decent application, technology has moved on, and new devices have come out. New devices that have presented some compatibility problems. The Treo line of devices, in particular, have proven themselves troublesome. Not sure why, exactly, but certain features of Logbook DM don't play nice on the Treo, even though the same feature works fine on others.

So, to those who use Logbook DM and have faced issues with it resetting, I have this one general bit of advice that has helped a great many. Apparently, the PalmOS has this feature where you can selectively disable hi-res support for any given application. If Logbook DM has caused problems for you, then I suggest going into your PalmOS preferences (not Logbook DM preferences) and turn off hi-res support for Logbook DM. This seems to clear up a majority of the problems.

Sadly, I just don't have the time nor resources to develop Logbook DM beyond where it is today. I wish I did. I have a list of features I still would have liked to see...including having a version that runs on the PocketPC/Windows Mobile platform. I'm sorry to say, it isn't going to happen. And if some enterprising individual wants to take over the Logbook DM application, contact me and I'd be willing to hand over the source code (as ugly as it is) to be further developed.


Scott K. Johnson said...

Have I told you all how great Logbook DM is?

It has been a while since my last raving review on it...


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for developing Logbook DM. I hope that someone is able to continue developing it. Have you considered hitting up one of the insulin or glucometer companies? I currently use this on my Palm TX, but would love to see a Windows Mobile application, or even one that synchronized with a desktop application. But I wish more people knew about this. Basal/Bolus insulin is, in my opinion, the best way to manage diabetes. But, it's complicated to calculate. With your program, it's a snap. Seems like a company selling insulin would jump on this, market it to docs, who could then market it to their patients. And you shouldn't give it away! I'm an RN, by the way.
Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Ryan, I use logbook DM in Minneapolis and have Doctors intrigued both at Mayo Clinic and Park Nicolett Diabetes center. One thing that I am wondering is does it adjust for lows? I am doing 1/6 carbs and at breakfast (consistently 60gms) it tells me to use 8 units not 10. The only thing that makes sense is that it adjusts for lows. I hope that is true. I really like how you set it up. I recently finished intensive insulin management training and I go into the bolus settings and correct on the fly, where other patients are using paper and calculators. My palm is a tungston C, which seems to work perfect with the software. Thank you for developing this, I think it's great... Yes, I did license this software

RyanBruner said...

Yes. Logbook DM takes lows into account.

If your target is 100 mg/dL, for example, and your BGL is 80 and you eat some carbs, normally, you'd bolus for those carbs. Let's say you're supposed to take 3 units. But, because you are BELOW your target, Logbook DM will calculate how much "negative" insulin you'd need to raise your BGL up to your target. If it takes 1 unit to raise it 20 mg/dL, then Logbook DM recommends you take 2 units. 3 for the carbs, and -1 for the BGL.

If you happen to be low, but not eating carbs, Logbook DM can also recommend how many carbs you should eat.

I found this feature particularly helpful because when I was low, I'd find myself over-treating. This way, I could treat, and even over-treat, but it would give me a recommendation of enough insulin just to take care of the "over" part. said...

Hi Ryan,

I am type 1 and have just started to use LogBookDM yesterday. So far, I really like it. I am having one problem and I hope you or someone else can help me with. I am using a Palm Tungsten E.

>From the user guide. "Preferences-Logbook DM can be configured using the "Preferences..." menu from the main entry screen."

I do not see this. The first screen I get has the date, time, glucose, carbs, calc, etc. I initially made settings using the Calc button, Preferences and need to change them. When I press Calc I no longer have access to these settings. Any suggestions?

Thank You,


Michael said...

I've been a user for 7 years and could not survive without this app. As you say, however, time and tech have marched on. The Palm is a really clunky platform compared to the iPod touch and I desperately hope that someone will come forward and re-develope Logbook DM for the iPod family.

Dinner and a Murder said...

I love this program. Using for my son, but the Calc function is just not working correctly. For instance I set targets at 90-130. His ratio is 1/20 for lunch and dinner, which is programmed in. I don't use the Bolus Duration setting. Have 1/2 units chosen to calculate insulin.

At lunch he was at 127 ate 70 carbs and the calc button told him 2.5. It should have been 3.5. Since he did it on his own and trusted the figure his sugar went up 28 within about 4 hours.

His sugar was reading 155 for dinner, with 59 carbs and It should be at least 3 units, but it tells us 2.5.

I also cannot figure out how to use the Quick DM calculator. The instructions didn't help much.

RyanBruner said...

Dinner and a Murder:

It sounds like your settings aren't quite set up right.

First of all, note that Logbook DM will always round DOWN to prevent over treatment. So if it calculates the bolus of 2.99 units, and you have 1/2 units set, it will round down to 2.5 units.

The bigger issue appears to be the setting for your target. Note that the target RANGE isn't used for calculations of boluses, but for statistical purposes. You must set the correction bolus information instead, which has a SINGLE target number. If that target number is too high, it could actually result in Logbook DM trying to prevent what it sees as a low and reduce the amount of suggested insulin instead.

Quick DM doesn't work on ALL versions of the PalmOS. But for those it does, it simply acts as a means for data entry using your finger instead of the stylus. But on later versions of the PalmOS this feature stopped working properly, I'm afraid.


Dinner and a Murder said...

Hmmm, not sure how I should set that then. Our endo has him on a correction bolus of .5 for every 50 over 200, so I put in 1 unit for every 100 over 200. We only do a correction over 200. How would I fill this out to correct the way the calc button is figuring. Maybe just remove this?

I am now giving him 1/17 at all meals, which I do have programmed into the general preferences.

I also wanted to let everyone know that there is a nice guy who wrote a free software program for macs only (sorry pc people), that will import the Logbook DM csv export and keep records and generate all kinds of nifty reports that are just awesome for seeing what is going on. I am working with him right now to get all the categories to match his periods, so it is even better. It is Logbook X. He requests a donation to Diabetes UK if you use and like the software, which I think is great.

I do have another question. Is there a way to hide or delete the Delete All from the menu. A few days ago I made the mistake of hitting Delete All, instead of Delete Event or Item and I lost almost a week of readings. Fortunately, I had exported to Logbook x, the previous week, so I didn't lose everything. That could have been really bad, as our endo expects 3 months of printed reports when we go to our first endo appointment next month. I have to go back into our meter and enter all the missing readings for the week, so I will have them for our weekly check in, but that Delete All is a very dangerous setting. If nothing else it should have a pop up asking if you really want to do that.

I really do appreciate your help!

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