Monday, September 25, 2006

Underwear and the Great Clothing Shuffle

It's that time of year again, when plummetting temperatures means the great clothing shuffle is upon us. Every fall (well, and spring), this great event takes place. Pull out the boxes of the fall clothes, throw out the shirts that last year you thought were hip but this year are already out of style (well, okay, so "out of style" applies to my entire let's just say, the shirts that are the most out of style). It also means washing all the shorts and short-sleeves so that they can be packed away, except for a couple standbys in the likely event we get a day or two of warm weather.

Now, this event has grown in complexity over the years, since our family size has also grown. We have three boys and a girl all growing faster than we, as parents, would like (especially when I have to consider that this year, my oldest boy practically needs an entirely new wardrobe). Fortunately, my wife is the master of organization. She sorts the clothes by size, season, and sex, and since we can't very well get rid of anything until the younger siblings have their chance at the same clothes, it all comes down to a huge mess of boxes. Our family is single-handedly keeping Rubbermaid in business.

During this shuffle, I've been putting off doing my own laundry, keeping the washer free for my wife to get the kids clothes sorted. (I leave such work for her since, frankly, I'd be more inclined to toss everything out and start anew each season. All I'm responsible for is retrieving and returning the boxes from the closets without pulling anything.)

Okay, truth be told, it is just an excuse. I hate doing laundry, and so until I'm out of underwear, I make do the best I can.

Well, yesterday, I ran out of underwear. And you'd think I'd just throw in a load. But no, not me. I have to dig through my drawers and see if I can find anything else to get me through another few days.

Sure enough, I have my wife and my kids to thank, because for Father's Day this year, they made me these "matching" hand-painted boxes and undershirt sets perfect for sleeping. Thing is, the boxers are fairly worthless as boxers. They have a fly that won't stay closed no matter what you do, so you still have to wear underwear under them. And then my kids used so much paint that these boxers are actually stiff. After a few washings, you can't really bend them.

But I was desperate, and so right now I'm typing this dressed in boxers that I'd be somewhat embarassed to be found in should I end up in an auto accident. So I guess that means I need to wash my clothes tonight, eh?

Or at least my underwear.

And maybe...just maybe...I'll do my clothing shuffle while I'm at it.

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Anonymous said...

I am in the same boat with the children's clothes. All the laundry, the sorting, and organizing. Well, sort of. The boys clothes in one tubbermaid and girls clothes in the other. The outgrown ones...i give to my sister...When does it End?