Friday, September 22, 2006

The Great Space Coaster

Anyone remember that show? "The Great Space Coaster"? I used to watch it as a kid. I only started watching it because it had the word "Coaster" in it. I was, and still am to this stay, a huge coaster enthusiast. I love coasters!

Sadly, the show had nothing to do with roller coasters. But, it did have the furry animal who always said, "No Gnus is Good Gnus". Or something to that effect.

But don't worry, this post isn't about that show. It is about news.

First, I wanted to follow up on my physical therapy just to say that my physical therapist must be punishing me for some horrible past trauma in her life involving someone who resembles me. Or least, that's how it feels. I've had two appointments so far, and never once has she offered to massage my neck and shoulders. Nope. Instead, she is tugging my leg this way and that, and pressing on my lower abdomen so hard I had to hold in the tears. Very painful. Of course, when I tell her this, she presses on my thigh gently claiming she's only pressing that hard. Impossible, I tell you! But, I can't complain, because the amount of free rotation I had without pain on the second day of physical therapy was already better than before I started, so she seems to be doing something right.

Second, I'm still trying to find an agent. However, I did have a "scare" (literarally) a couple days ago. See, I pulled into the driveway, shut off the engine, and opened the door all set to head inside, when my wife just pops out of nowhere in front of me, thrusting the phone in my face. She scared me so bad that I screamed like a little girl. Into the phone. My first inclination (well, second, if you count the urge to pee my pants) was that my mother had died or something. But she quickly told me it was an agent who had previously expressed interest in my manuscript.

Of course, I'm sure I deafened the agent with my scream, but I took the phone and headed inside, all ready to hear the words, "I'd like to represent you."

It didn't happen. No, instead, she was pleased with the changes I had made to the manuscript, but had a few more "issues". We talked for several minutes, and she explained to me the issues, but the conversation ended without an offer. The good news is that she still wants to see one more revision.

That's great news, actually. But scary news as well, because this next revision is a make or break moment. At least with this agent. If I don't get it right, then we part ways. If I get it right, then she'll take me on. Let the nail biting begin!

So, I'm back to editing my manuscript again. In the meantime, I do have a bit of interest from a couple other agents...but those relationships aren't nearly as far along yet. We'll see.

Anyhow, the fact that I have no real news means that "no gnus is good gnus!" Which is why I mentioned The Great Space Coaster.

Oh the Great Space Coaster!
We'll Explore!
On the Great Space Coaster...


Scott K. Johnson said...

That's great news Ryan! Keep us posted!

Lyrehca said...

Wasn't it Gary Gnu who talked about no gnus is good gnus?

Yeah, you're probably not going to get a neck/shoulder massage, but could you get a hip/leg one?

Good luck with the agent!