Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Easter Parade

I hope everyone had a lovely and blessed Easter. I was fortunate enough to have both Friday and Monday off work. But things actually started on Thursday.

A couple years ago, I started a tradition with my children. We would walk through the Easter story in relative real time. It begins, of course, with the Passover meal, where Jesus celebrated his last Passover with his twelve disciples, more commonly known as The Last Supper. So, on Thursday evening, after sundown, I read the story in Exodus about God's establishment of the Passover celebration, and then jumped ahead to the telling of the Last Supper. At this point, my boys and I had grape juice and bread along with Jesus.

For the record, my four-year-old really couldn't have cared less about the story. He was in it for the grape juice, I'm sure of it. But, he sat quietly, listening, in fear of losing out on the juice and having to go to bed if he didn't stay quiet.

Anyhow, throughout the weekend, culminating on Easter Sunday, I read the events that led up to the resurrection.

In addition to this, the weekend was full of other activities. My wife and I watched The Easter Parade with Fred Astaire. You know, this movie is really good. I always forget how good until I watch it again. Songs are great, dancing is great. In fact, I realized in this viewing that the special effects in The Matrix must have been stolen from this movie. There is a really cool scene where good ol' Fred dances in slow motion while the rest of the ensemble is dancing in real time in the background. Impressive effects for a movie made several decades ago.

Let's see, my wife and I had date night, where I learned that Chili's has an absolutely wonderful Guiltless menu of low-fat dinners. (And, in case you're wondering, I ordered from the Guiltless menu because my LDL cholesterol levels were still too high, and so I must eliminate pretty much every source of saturated and trans fats that I can from my diet. No more snacks from the vending machine, I guess.)

And finally, I threw caution to the wind at a friends house on Monday. There were four families there. But, you must understand, he makes the world's best ribs. Incredible, melt-in-your-mouth ribs. I ate plenty, and figured I'll have to start back on my low-fat, low-cholesterol diet again today. It just isn't physically possible to turn down ribs that good!

So, Happy Easter, everyone...belatedly, I know. (And I just realized that this post really isn't all that interesting, is it? Sorry about that. I'll do better next time.)

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