Thursday, November 02, 2006

Tag, I'm It

Have you played tag recently? Actually, I did. With my kids, a few weeks ago. It was a very bad idea. I was sore for a few days afterwards. Apparently, running around when you're 33 isn't the same as running around when you're 10.

But, here I am, playing tag again. Fortunately, the only thing I have to exercise this time is my fingers, since it is Blog Tag. (Actually, giving my recent RSI to my hand, perhaps it isn't so fortunate.) I was tagged by Nichole.

Rules are (apparently) that I must reveal five typically unknown facts about myself, and then tag five other people. First part is easy. It's all about me! Second part is harder, because I don't got no friends! Let's give it a whirl.

Facts about Ryan you probably never wanted to know:
  1. To this day, I am bitter that the television show Misfits of Science was taken off the air. It was, of course, a clever take on the superhero genre. At least, I thought so. Apparently the viewing public disagreed.
  2. I didn't attend my own Prom. I didn't even want to attend my own Prom. Instead, I worked for double-time at Little Caesars. And despite the warnings from my friends that I would someday regret not going to my Prom, thus far I have yet to experience even the slightest tinge of regret.
  3. I've dated exactly two people in my life. My wife, sure. But there was also this horrible moment during a time my wife (well, before she was my wife) and I weren't talking and this girl asked me to take her to Meijer (doesn't sound like a date...but it was definitely intended to be a date). I originally said no, but my parents told me I needed to go out, so I called her back and said yes and had one of the worst evenings of my life. We spent 45 minutes at Meijer, most of the time yelling at the store manager for the service charge of one penny by utilizing their mailing servies. I was so embarrassed. I'm glad I got back together with my wife, believe me.
  4. In Junior High School, three years running, I won the "Standing Long Jump" competition at this annual class competition. Basically, there were various sport-related events such as wheel-barrelling each other across the gym, trying to knock down the most plastic bowling pins with a bean bag, etc. I was on the team specifically for my frog-like legs, and I usually outdid the other teams' best efforts by at least a foot. It was a proud moment, indeed.
  5. I once sprained my ankle. (Actually, twice.) But it wasn't for anything noble, like scoring the winning kick in a soccer game or anything. No, instead, my friends and I were taking terms jumping off the roof of their wood-shed, seeing who could jump the farthest. It was about twelve feet high, and we had this nice three by three cushion to land on. We would move it out a foot at a time until it was somewhere between ten and twenty feet out. We'd run, jump, and land on the cushion. But then, one last attempt, I missed the cushion, slightly off center, and landed one foot on, one foot off. I ended up with crutches for several days, and a weak ankle for years.
So, there you have it.

As to five people to tag? Uh...let me think on that and get back to you. I'll edit this post later...

Okay...updated. Here are the people I'm tagging...ready or not!
  1. Sandra Miller, A Shot in the Dark,
  2. Scott Johnson, Scott's Diabetes Journal,
  3. Kerri, Six Until Me,
  4. Martha O'Connor,
  5. Kristin Nelson, Pub Rants,
Now, Kristin probably is a long-shot. She's a busy literary agent...but I LOVE her blog, so I figure the worst that can happen is some of you might head over there and check her out! Many others I would have tagged appear to already have been tagged. That's fine...although, I think that means I'm one of the last in my social network to be tagged, which is kind of like being picked last by the captains of the baseball teams back in my school days. (Sniff, sniff.) It's okay. I'll get over it.


Kerri. said...

I will rise to this challenge!

(And I'm rockin' my NaNoWriMo debut this year, too. I am not sure I'll actually churn out 50,000 words, but I have a charming collection of 287 at the moment. That's something.)


Nichole said...

Nice, worries about the picking order. Its better to be picked last than not at all!


And besides, I'm glad no one else picked you cause that meant I got to tag you...and run away yelling "Na-na-na-na-na-na You can't catch me!"

Sandra Miller said...

The challenge has (finally) been met. :-)

Martha O'Connor said...

Just realized you tagged me! (aren't you supposed to tell me or something??) I will work on this for my next entry. Luck on NANO!

RyanBruner said...


Actually, I don't know. Am I? I thought part of the fun was tagging someone and seeing how long it took for them to notice. But maybe I SHOULD have told everyone. But then it seems too forced, you know? This way, if you really don't want to participate, you could just sort of "accidentally on-purpose" miss the post about being tagged.

In the meantime, the link to your blog drives people there that, perhaps, wouldn't otherwise go. And given how incredibly popular I am (not!), I'm sure your traffic doubled or tripled! (Not!)

Martha O'Connor said...

Here is mine! :D